The AmericasAlso new in Mapa’s 2016-2017 destinations are America’s heritage sites and natural wonders. From the rich American Indian culture and scenic canyon lands to Canada’s Rockies, South America’s Iguazu Falls and Cuba UNESCO sites, vacationing in The Americas will be an unforgettable experience.

CUBAThe United States OFAC has authorized Cuba travel as people-to-people journeys or educational exchanges. MAPA engages travelers, not as a typical beach vacation. Cuba is a land of contrasts, rich history and incomparable natural beauty. The discovery melting pot ranges from old Spanish colonial architecture, beautiful Catholic churches, and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Charity to Baracoa’s ecotourism routes, colonial Trinidad, and Valle de Vinales.

These customized, first-class journeys are strictly purpose-driven, with a focus on cultural, professional and academic exchanges as well as spirituality-based mission trips. Transcending into a more meaningful experience, you will interact with emerging small entrepreneurs; faith groups that service children and teens at risk; jazz performers and single mothers looking for economic empowerment. All planned to create spirituality-based build bridging and culture sharing.

SANTA FE & TAOS – Native & Artistic Enrichment

5-6 days
From $875

Customized journey focusing on native culture and the artistic scene.

For dates: 305-630- 9860


7 days
from $1,915

Customized, small group, 5 star lodges and hotels amidst mountain scenery, castles and lakes, where you also learn about Canada’s rich heritage. Includes Calgary, Lake Louise, Jasper, British Columbia Icefield, Yoho National Park and Banff.

Can include less resorts for less.


11 days
from $2,825

From Vancouver to Calvary, this journey includes Victoria Island, breathtaking Whistler, immersion in fauna and tribal people, Shannon Falls, Sun Peaks, Jasper, Lake Louise and Banff. The luxury, Rocky Mountaineer is a once in a lifetime, scenic experience. This is a customized, small group vacation.

Call 305-630- 9860 for dates


6-7 days
from $1,385

Customized and private excursions with certifies historical guide and a chance to tour Teotihuacan’s Pyramids by balloon ride. Puerto Vallarta includes colonial history as well as leisure time in an all-inclusive five-star resort.

Call 305-630- 9860 for dates.


7 Nights
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from $1,790


(New Year’s & 2017)
8 days
from $1,785

Rio is exuberant for New Year’s. Marvel in Iguassu. Immerse in Argentinian culture, gastronomy, and tango. Ample free time in Buenos Aires!

CALL 305-630- 9860 for dates.


Call 305- 630-9860 for Dates/Prices

Customized journeys as per small group’s interests. Include Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, Beatle Channel, Bariloche, El Calafate and Perito Moreno glacier, UNESCO Natl. Parks.

CUBA FOR A PURPOSE: People-to- People

5-8 days
from $1,125

These customized first-class journeys are strictly purpose-driven, with a focus on cultural, professional and academic exchanges as well as spirituality-based mission trips. Projects include Hemingway’s path, colonial architecture, and island faith congregations that service children, teens at risk, and single mothers looking for economic empowerment. Our focus also includes interaction with independent visual artists and jazz performers and Catholic pilgrimages to the Our Lady of Charity Sanctuary in El Cobre. All planned to create a meaningful experience of build bridging, service and cultural immersion.

Mapa Travel Group is developing the Arts for Bridges program, which mirrors a long-term sustainability project that was implemented in Haiti, leading local artists to sell in the global marketplace and to get into a productive life as small entrepreneurs.

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