President’s Message

Antonio-PradoWelcome to our very special travel community. Mapa Travel Group’s credo -“Travel with a Purpose”- sets our travel boutique apart from large agencies and online wholesalers. Living a philosophy of oneness with the Divine, Humanity and the Planet, we have created an affinity-based circle of friends who “live to travel”, sort of a travel club without the fees. One that helps you further your special interests and hobbies, simultaneously meeting similar-minded fellow travelers. Solo travelers will also find us comfortable, friendly and helpful in finding new friends.

Through our extensive experience in the humanities, gastronomy, literature, and divinity studies, we have designed three major categories. Arts and Cultural Enrichment take you to remote places like Thailand and Cambodia, Eastern Europe, South America, and unique destinations. Our Spirituality Program ranges from Catholic traditional like Semana Santa in Seville and Camino a Santiago, to mystic sites in Celtic lands, Cambodia, the US desert and Yucatan. Nature and Wellness experiences cater to those looking for off-the-beaten-path routes in scenic and serene places. Some prefer an intense fitness pace, others look for leisure activities, trying the local cuisine or engaging in people-to-people activities. These are not bare bones journeys, but first class all the way and FUN.

Based in Miami, the group has pooled together a network of guides, university professors, theology scholars, wellness trainers, hoteliers, and art lecturers. We are pioneers in creating Pre-trip Meet Ups in private homes or club venues to discuss local authors, wines, wellness rituals and cultural sites’ visits. By engaging our local tour operators in each country and eliminating office overhead, packages are at a fraction of the price offered by luxury style expeditions. Most importantly, affinity groups create enduring bonds. And we bring a life-changing experience to our travelers.

I look forward to sharing wonderful times of discovery and meaning with you, traveling with a purpose.

Marivi Prado

how we work

Through its wholesale operators, Mapa offers travel insurance (optional), single room supplements, discounts for young travelers, and independent travel options for those wanting to travel on their own, or with a spouse or significant other. Mapa Travel Group is ready to customize your experience and adapt it to your preferences.

Fine dining is included in addition to lavish breakfast buffets plus some lunches. Yet we ensure you enjoy personal exploration time and savor the local fare. Hotels – including Hilton, Barceló, Fiesta Americana, Marriott, Fairmont and Westin - are all first class. As soon as you are ready to discuss your itinerary, the Mapa staff will forward you air and land policies, transfers’ and travel insurance information and more.

Mapa Travel Group, Inc. is registered with the State of Florida as a Seller of Travel. The current Seller of Travel Registration License was renewed March 4, 2016, Registration #: ST39114, according to Chapter 559 of the Florida Statutes.


Mapa Travel Group is affiliated with MAPA CONSULTING SERVICES. Governments’ tourism offices, hoteliers, cruise lines, and other travel providers benefit from a unique partnership whereas Mapa develops special-interest group business. The Mapa team of experts –as marketing senior managers, academia members, chief financial officers, theologians and other specialists- reinforce the brand’s upscale positioning while opening new markets from Florida. Please take a look at our principals’ track records to learn more about consulting services offered.